Getting Started (For New Affiliates)
Link Cloaking & Redirection

First, a couple of definitions:

Link Cloaking – used to describe how to make your affiliate link appear more like a website or normal link instead of spam; helps increase trust and conversions and make you more money

Domain Redirection – setting up a domain name (eg. so that it sends visitors through your affiliate link to my product page

Here’s the difference…

Instead of clicking on, which looks spammy, your prospects will click on something like

See how much better the second link looks and how the first one looks shady?

That’s the benefit of Link Cloaking and Domain Redirection.

Here’s how you do it:

How to Buy a Domain for CHEAP!

Step 1 – Visit GoDaddy to purchase a domain name. All you need is a domain name at this point, you don’t need hosting, unless your goal is to develop a website or blog.

If you’re going to promote my MMA programs, something with the words “mma” and another keyword, such as: workout, training, conditioning, strength training, etc is good.

Choose a .com, .net, or .org for best results.

Step 2 – Enter your billing information and complete the checkout process.

Step 3 – Follow GoDaddy’s instructions on how to redirect your site

How to Cloak Link in HTML Anchor Text

A normal link is

Anchor Text is the same link, but instead of http:// you just have normal words, that are linked like this.

So you could write something like, “Hey, check out this new MMA workout program that I found that helps fighters get in great shape!”

If you’ve got an HTML web page, here’s the code to use:You’ve got to enter your domain, which could be your affiliate link ‘’ or it could be the domain that you purchased and setup the redirection for ‘’.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to learn more about the different programs I have and see more of the advanced resources I’ve created to help you make more money:

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