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    What is an Affiliate Marketer?

    An affiliate marketer is just a fancy way to say, “You recommend my programs to friends, family, training partners, newsletter subscribers, website visitors, on forums or Pay Per Click advertising like Google Adwords, etc and you get paid every time someone buys through you.” It’s quite simple: you get paid to help me sell my programs!

    Who Can Become An Affiliate?

    Anyone can become an affiliate! Whether you have a website or not, anyone can sign up for a free account at Clickbank.com and start driving people to my website using the special link you will create. As soon as someone purchases one of my programs through your link, you’ll get paid and the funds will show in real time within your Clickbank account.

    Why Should I Promote EricWongMMA Programs?

    1. The Profits (75% Commission)
      You’ll earn 75% commission on EVERYTHING. This is by far the biggest commission offered online!
    2. Very High Conversion Rate (visits that turn into sales)
      The biggest possible commission is totally worthless if the visitors you send are not being converted into sales. The good news is that I’ve already done all the hard work to ensure that I have the highest conversion rate. I’m also constantly learning new techniques for increasing conversions, which I also share with all of my affiliates on my free affiliate newsletter.
    3. Ultra Low Refund Rate
      My programs have way lower refund rates than most digital publishers for one reason – they WORK! Plus, my customer service is always top notch to ensure my customers are 110% satisfied.
    4. Clickbank takes care of EVERYTHING!
      ClickBank sells our products – they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. Clickbank is the 3rd party company that handles all credit card transactions as well as the affiliate program tracking. They accept every type of credit card as well as Paypal and E-Checks in 100 different countries and use the strongest security and best anti-theft fraud in the world.

    How Do I Get Started?

    If your Clickbank account is set up and you’ve followed all the previous steps, you’re almost ready!

    After you’ve set up your clickbank account, then you’re ready to start promoting my programs through your affiliate/hop link. When someone purchases after coming through your link, you’ll receive 75% commission on each sale.

    Your affiliate link will look like this:


    Simply replace the XXXX with your Clickbank affiliate nickname. So if your nickname is “mikehunt”, this is what your link would look like:


    Please see the Programs to Promote section for info on all of the different programs I offer.

    Make sure you create your affiliate referral hoplink correctly. This is very important or else you will NOT receive credit for the sales you refer.

    If a visitor clicks on your link and then orders one of my programs within 60 days of landing on your site, you get paid! It’s that easy.

    The commissions will be calculated automatically and get deposited into your ClickBank account in real time. You can login to your ClickBank whenever you want to see exactly how much money you are making.

    Every two weeks ClickBank will mail you a check in the mail for all the sales you generated within the last 2 week pay period. ClickBank is a very reputable company and they send out the checks like clockwork every 2 weeks.

    Make sure you maximize you sales efforts by using the tools you can fins in my Affiliate Marketing Ressource and Profit Center as much as possible.

    Now How Much Money Will I Really Make?

    Let’s say you did only 1 measly basic package sale a day (which is super easy by the way) of my flagship Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program… that works out to an extra $1,163+ a month (not including upsells)… this will take care of your car and maybe even your mortgage payments each month!

    To be honest, you are in complete control of how much you make therefore you write your own pay check. There is really no limit to what you can earn. The more motivated and aggressive you are in promoting my product, the more money you pocket. It’s a simple system. The more tools you use and the more traffic you can send to my site, the larger your pay check.

    What If Someone Refunds The Product?

    If someone requests a refund after their purchase then you will not get commission on that sale. Don’t worry; the refund rate is extremely low (< 3%) so this rarely happens.

    What Are The Best Methods For Promoting The Product?

    • Create a Website That SELLS + LOTS of Qualified Traffic + Build a List to Form a Relationship With Your Visitors. Unless you are an expert Facebook marketer or Google Adwords marketer or a publisher of your own product with a large list then you need to build yourself a website that converts before anything else and focus on building a list.  Don?t worry about traffic until you do this.
    • Create your own targeted site or blog. Be very specific to your audience. You might want to target females only, males over 40, male teenagers or advanced trainees. This will make your marketing efforts easier. Make sure you have your own Domain name redirected through your hop link. Include an honest program review on your blog or website and include some other products you compare mine to. Include transformation pictures of your own journey and tell your story.
    • Have a link to my articles and comment on them regularly.
    • Have a link to my videos and comment on it.
    • Give away my E-Report.
    • Focus on creating your own ORIGINAL CONTENT. Include an opt in form to build a list of followers. Engage and ENTERTAIN your visitors.  Give them a reason to remember you when they land on your site. Use my e-book covers, banners, graphics and images where appropriate.
    • Post Success Stories and Expert Reviews for social proof within your copy. All of your content should be BENEFIT oriented and geared towards your VISITOR.  Delete anything that is not written or geared towards the visitor.
    • Next?? Focus on TRAFFIC using Google Adwords, Article Marketing, You Tube, Blogging and Joint Ventures.

    Do I Still Earn Commission If They Opt Into Your Newsletter?

    As long as your affiliate link was the LAST affiliate link they clicked on before ordering. I use NAKED links which means all of the links in my newsletter are NOT with an affiliate link.

    Sounds like common sense but there are sneaky and evil publishers who use affiliate links in their marketing to cancel out their affiliates ID and steal the commission.  This is HORRIBLE and if you subscribe to my newsletter or follow any of my article, video or blog marketing you’ll discover I hold to my word 100% of the time.

    So if a prospect goes to my site via your affiliate link and opt into my newsletter course and orders after reading one of my newsletters, which always happens, you WILL get that commission.

    Is it okay if use pieces of your sales copy for my landing page?

    I personally don’t recommend it but you do have my permission if you wish.  Here’s why I do NOT recommend it.  How would you like going into a car dealership to buy a car and after the sales man gives you a great pitch you were fully convinced you wanted to buy the car.  You were completely sold and ready to take out your credit card?

    But wait.  Right before you were about to hand over your credit card the sales man starts rambling again about how great the car is, how the engine runs, the beautiful rims, brand new stereo system blah blah blah!

    Chances are you would be so annoyed with the car sales man re-selling you AFTER you are already sold!  I wouldn’t be surprised if you changed your mind on the spot and walked out.  You were going to give the salesman your business but he pissed you off at the last second and lost your business.

    I see this happen all the time with affiliate marketers.  They create landing pages that try to sell my product and that is NOT your job.  That’s my websites job.  It’s already a highly converting, professional direct-response marketing letter.

    By using my sales copy on your landing page you are DOUBLE SELLING and probably hurting your conversions.  Your landing page should be like a greased slide that includes a compelling headline, high quality article or video content and call to action.  Here are the key elements within the landing page:

    Is it okay to use your images on my landing page?

    Yeah, that’s completely cool and I totally recommend bringing your landing pages to life with powerful images that represent the topic you’re speaking on.  However, if you’re promoting my MMA programs, don’t put images of juiced up bodybuilders because it will distort your message.

    Pictures of me, product covers, exercise demos and MMA fighters work best.

    Some other tips:

    1. Provides tips and tricks but not the complete solution.
    2. Peak curiosity.
    3. Build trust and rapport
    4. Establish credibility
    5. Provide a call to action for more information i.e “To learn more, click here.”

    How do I promote with your articles?

    I would recommend to take my articles and rewrite them as unique content to receive an SEO advantage. Use a catchy title too.

    Google is getting smarter and can tell if you change just a few lines so slightly rewriting articles will not help you much – do a good job and make it unique.

    Feel free to use my article content and blog content for ideas and rewrite the titles and majority of content.  I don’t mind.  Use my bio but replace my website address with your URL that should contain your affiliate link.

    How do I use your YouTube channel?

    It’s quite simple but does needs to work in conjunction to a few other elements:

    1. Videos are best used on article pages, authority sites, review pages or your blog. On any of these pages you should have links cloaked with your affiliate link under the video redirecting them to my site.
    2. The key is to create a quality content that keeps your visitors interested in what you have on your site so they come back, read more and eventually click on your link to get to my site.
    3. Very few people know to double click the play button which takes you to You Tube’s site so most people will watch the video on your page and then see a link to click under the video for more info.
    4. Just make sure you’re creating quality pages with links to my page and that will maximize the chance of getting the click and eventually commission.

    What If I Still Have A Question?

    If you still have questions, contact us here.

    Remember, I only profit if YOU profit so I am here to help you.

    Thanks for your support and to our mutual success!

    – Eric