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Eric Wong | Partner with Eric Wong for Passive Income

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If you’re looking for a program to promote to the MMA, martial arts or “guys into fitness” niches, here’s an Excel file with links to all of my 10 programs including the brand new Hip Flexibility Solution (page still converting over 2% AFTER the launch), the Ultimate MMA Strength & Conditioning Program and more):

excelRight Click to Save As

Also, if you’re interested in setting up custom promotions or being notified when I launch a new program, put your details on the list below:

Now, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, read through the ‘Getting Started’ section, which will describe what exactly Affiliate Marketing is and the first steps you must take to be able to make money.

If you’re a veteran affiliate, then you can skip that section, which includes basic definitions, how to setup a Clickbank account and how to cloak and redirect links. Instead, check out the programs I have that you can promote and choose the best one to get started on your promotional efforts.

Each program has a full suite of resources, including:

  • Marketing Tools – you’ll find banner ads, ebook covers, brandable PDFs, a sample autoresponder sequence and text links/ads
  • Reprintable Content – if you’ve got a blog or newsletter you’ll find articles you can reprint on your site
  • Pay Per Click Ads – for those PPC junkies, here’s a sample of keyword groupings and ad ideas
  • Affiliate Newsletter – don’t miss out signing up for my affiliate newsletter where I keep you up to date on new product launches and new resources to help you with your marketing efforts
  • Affiliate Support – FAQ, contact form and custom landing pages/promos are all here

Again, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, click the ‘Getting Started’ link. Otherwise, go get the resources you’re looking for an off to the races you go.

Thank you for helping spread the word and helping me get these effective programs into the hands of people around the world and remember you’re truly helping guys get in shape with programs that WORK.

To our mutual success!

Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS
MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach